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Several of the authors like Strauss and Elrod were editing and publishing independent of AW. I asked a specific question, and when I questioned politely but firmly the uninformed and negative advice an anonymous writer gave, she harangued and condescended like a fishwife.

But the rejection was not just a personalized version of a form rejection letter. Can you beat 30 seconds. Write Absolute Reviews of Bully Boards calls me the Tariq Aziz of Absolute Write " and Absolute Blight styles me "a totally paranoid wingnut and cyberstalker, hurling unfounded accusations around like Frisbees.

We're happy that at least some writers have been spared the futility and embarrassment, and of course, spared the circumstances that might have allowed them to be bullied and publicly trashed by Absolute Write mods, members or owners as so many have for so many years.

Along that same vein, I am not suggesting you appeal to family and friends for a critique of your manuscript, but now is the time to revel in their bias toward loving it. I came to see it that Absolute write water the whole the Absolute Write forums are an arena of juveniles acting out their fantasies and retaliatory urges on a continuing basis while honestly trying to give each other writer advice, and all the while watched over by people who are just mean spirited and unethical.

Still more is disseminated by groups with a general axe to grind, such as The Write Agenda, a blog that attempts to discredit anti-scam activistsand Stop The Goodreads Bullies, a site that bullies those whom it claims bully others.

In the eyes of many, I am still a literary reject. If you actually meet with any agents and cannot handle yourself professionally and competently, you might lessen your chance with an agent rather than increase it.

Most of the hundreds of threads in this forum consist of questions and sharing about guidelines, querying, rejection, staff changes, new imprints, closures, and the like. The overall situation at Absolute Write can be summed up best by a few of the writers who commented below and gave their time to help spread the warning to everyone: I started querying literary agents towards the end of March.

AW is not a haven of sweetness and light. Meanwhile, I have frantic email from a friend who posts to AW and is trying to figure out how to find versions of the texts of her messages there so she can save them.

To round out this area, over at Streetdirectory. Print out a few copies and send them to your biggest fans. Can you beat 30 seconds.

Right now, though, the most concentrated attack comes from a group of anti-AW blogs: However, I fully realize that many of you reading this have day jobs. The Stacia Kane books, btw, are ho-hum and even fans grow fatigued with the predictable story lines. Writers can talk about their experiences, and the moderators of the site have lots of experience in the industry and really do their research.

Are we led to assume that AW played a role in getting these writers "published". I tried to offer editorial guidance in the fiction forums there, but trying to be heard over the perpetual howl and drone issuing from dozens and dozens of amateur writers hurling "advice" at each other is completely impossible Among other things, AW was the main collection point for information about PublishAmerica.

How to Write Full Time and Stay Sane is a series that offers advice to full-time writers about how to stay productive and in good spirits.

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Staying sane is something I’ll admit I. Posts about Absolute Write Water Cooler written by TWA.

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A caution seems to be in order about literary agent Eric Ruben, based on multiple recent complaints from former clients at the Absolute Write Water. Home > Resources > Absolute Write Water Cooler Absolute Write Water Cooler Absolute Write's Bewares and Background Check forum is invaluable for discussions of.

Part IV: Organizational Partisanship & Biasness – The Need for Change Within the SFWA. Part 4 of 4. Death and life are in the power of the tongue.

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